Yang zi and deng lun relationship

Li Xian Yelled at by Sasaeng Fans. The major news outlets reported today that netizens found evidence of a possible romance between Li Xian and Cici Wang. Off camera, they are also good friends and have hung out together on numerous occasions. In prior dating rumors, netizens found a lot of similarities between the two. They showed pictures of them liking the same television shows, posting pictures from the same art gallery, and using the same accessories.

yang zi and deng lun relationship

The both of them definitely have similar interests in art and movies. BTS Video. A netizen recently shared pictures back from June that she suspects were of Li Xian and Cici Wang working out together at a Shanghai hotel. There were no pictures of their faces, but the netizen supports her claims by showing the clothes worn by the girl in the picture with Li Xian are very similar to the ones Cici Wang has worn before.

Credit: ETtoday. I wish Yang Zi will found her soul mate who will love her deeply including her imperfection if there is any. May God bless her and her career.

Anyway, being in the entertainment industry is extremely difficult, so I wish the both of them the best of luck. Skip to content.

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View this post on Instagram. Like this: Like Loading Related Posts. Good luck for career both of them Loading Leave a Comment Cancel reply.Name required. Shawn Yue has been happily married since Dec He became a father in May - wa, shotgun!

6 C-Drama And TW-Drama Pairings Whose Fiery Chemistry Left Us Wanting More

Irene Chen Ai Ling shares seductive pregnancy curves with husband Alex; talks about miscarriage. Be sure to have an umbrella handy this week, The gap between the two-year and year U. User Name.

Remember Me. Advertising: sales sporela. Latest Entertainment News. She was recently spotted at a cafe with friends, waiting for actor Qin JunJie. When Qin JunJie arrived, Yang Zi lit up her eyes and started playing mouth-to-mouth kissing games with him. Him only. After kissing him several times, she lugged herself over and gave him a long kiss. Why only playing with him, why not play with us? Her friends treated the couple as if they were transparent and were likely there to be decoys to distract the paparazzi.

Yang Zi left 's newfound boyfriend Qin JunJie right. They are still filming the drama 'Legend of Chusen' in Shanghai.

yang zi and deng lun relationship

Emails are optional and for tracking replies. Names are unique; get yours today with a comment! Related Articles. La Entertain. Kris Wu holds girlfriend Luyi Luna's hands in carpark; wipes student's wet Irene Chen Ailing shows off seductive pregnancy curves of son with husband Alex; talks about miscarriage Irene Chen Ai Ling shares seductive pregnancy curves with husband Alex; talks about miscarriage.

La Latest. Typhoon Lingling to slam S. Korea this weekend Be sure to have an umbrella handy this week, La Latest Comments. La Most Commented. Read all La. Verify E-mail:. Verify Password:.Some eagle eyed netizens pointed to their posts in Milan having too much similarities and suggesting that they are in fact still together. Both camps denied the issue saying that it was purely coincidental. Their relationship was first exposed in August and on June 1, Gina Jin posted on her personal blog which seemingly suggested that the two have broken up.

But news about them would pop up every now and then.

yang zi and deng lun relationship

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Deng Lun joins Yang Zi in Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost

Notify me of new posts via email. Powered by WordPress. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Create your website at WordPress. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Whether it be for their amazing chemistry or lovable interactions, there are numerous C-drama and TW-drama pairings that fans would love to see reunite again on the small screen.

Ariel Lin is well-known for her amazing chemistry with all of her co-stars, so choosing just one proved to be a difficult decision. Watch Now. Joe Chen is another actress whose chemistry with her counterparts leaves many fans enamored in the romance of the dramas she has starred in. While both actors are taking on different projects currently, this golden pairing is definitely missed. The drama created a craze and sensation for its saccharine lines and heart-fluttering scenes between the two leads.

While Zheng Shuang has co-starred with a large number of amazing male leads, her chemistry with Yang Yang left a memorable impression as they made Wei Wei and Xiao Nai come to life as characters. Even with the incredibly cheesy script, the line deliveries of the actors conveyed the tragic and longing love story between Bai Qian and Ye Hua. Not only were their deliveries great but the expressiveness in their eyes and in the steamier scenes truly demonstrated just how well these two work as partners.

Yang Zi and Deng Lun have an interesting relationship. Both off-screen and on-screen, these two are noticeably comfortable with each other, which aided in recreating the epic romance between Jin Mi and Xu Feng. One can only hope that they can reunite in another series to sweep fans off their feet once more. Each of these pairings has heightened the dramas they have taken on with their amazing chemistry and teamwork, making these shows some of their most representative works.

Consequently, the lasting impression has led an untold number of fans to wish to see these stars reunite once more and with good reason! Hey Soompiers, which drama pairings would you like to see reunite on the small screen? Latest Trending Popular Breaking. Community Forums Apps Viki.

Deng Lun 《邓伦》& Yang Zi 《杨紫》 Relationship [关系] ?

Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng Ariel Lin is well-known for her amazing chemistry with all of her co-stars, so choosing just one proved to be a difficult decision. View the fantasy romance of Jin Mi and Xu Feng now: Watch Now Each of these pairings has heightened the dramas they have taken on with their amazing chemistry and teamwork, making these shows some of their most representative works.

Soompi Spotlight. Megan Lai. Joe Cheng. Joe Chen. Baron Chen. Yang Yang.How do you want me? Dianjinwa Video - Free Hot Videos. The Golden Eagle Goddess voted. Yang Power and Yang Yingjun were on the list. Another one was popular. Xie Tingfeng, who accompanied Wang Fei at the age of 15, was ridiculed as a mother and a son because of her plain appearance and lack of temperament.

KTV facade hides the wet noodles processing workshop, which secretly produces late at night to evade law enforcement!

The Princess of Ice is very sad. Did you break up with your boyfriend? Joey Yung successfully started to cheer for himself with a son. Hu Gejiang Shuying Shadow to Compound?

Man's staff members come off to face in person. Come off work. Taylor Swift China Meeting:will go to Guangzhou to publicize the new album Luo Xiaohei's boldest move became a movie classic!

Happy moment!

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Zhou Yangqingsun and Luo Zhixiang's mother pose for a group photo. Two words reveal their real relationship. How long has it been since Jon Chen was asked? Fans are foolish when they say the year, but they can't do it. Sleepy action is also funny, the sleepy man really want to sleep.

Have you seen this kind of tractor? When the steering wheel is misplaced, the result is very tragic. Master, I will drift away if you don't catch me! Funny ideas: make rural armor with bricks and tiles. Funny video and creative video. A funny scene, the turtle tried to attack the eagle. When your friend wants to play a trick on you, he often has more than one pitfall. This is the dessert that every girl will like when they see it. The two men actually did this to the pig.

Too shocked. Four swimming pools in the world that you have to go to. When you have money and time, which one do you want to go to? Six Loneliest Houses in the World. The luckiest man in the world has escaped seven deaths and won a million prizes.I screamed when I saw her giving him a big hug! I love both Deng Lun and Yang Mi and loved their interacting in the first season. I would love to see these two very talented stars in a drama together pls!

Older woman and younger men pairing has become a trend like Joe Chen and Jin Han. I wouldn't be surprised if they did pair up. Eternal Love and Ashes of Love are hands down my top 2 favorite xianxia romance dramas, so please allow me to gush over how adorable this is.

As a crowd gathered outside the building where they were located, it was easy to figure out who's returning and who's new. But the best moment of all is Yang Mi looking ecstatic upon seeing Deng Lun again and walking over with her arms wide open to give him a hug. In the past season, Deng Lun earned a reputation for being the scaredy cat of the group while Yang Mi would be somewhat of a prankster.

Actor Wei Daxun was among the six cast members of the first season. Since he wasn't present, it seems possible that he won't be returning at all. Source: 1. Yo April 11, at AM.

Bitch Talk: Deng Lun or Yang Yang?

Anonymous April 11, at PM. Search DramaPanda. Top Links ChineseDrama. Popular This Week. Forget You, Remember Love C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings week starting Mar Ending Recap: Story of Yanxi Palace. His next project wHao Zeyu Deng Lun debuted 10 years ago through a talent competition. The years have untreated him kindly as he is now considered a has-been. The three are determined to turn Hao Zeyu into a big star. Through a stroke of luck, Hao Zeyu gets his shot at stardom which ignites a series of events.

Faced with a choice between personal interests and family and complicated by romance, the interim family unit is in danger of falling apart. He cares about his craft. What more, I like his co-star, too. She strikes me as a smart cookie. No point in aggravating myself when there are so many good dramas on my queue.

Who are we kidding? Do we need a synopsis when viewers are watching it for Yang Yang? Her costume designer should stop pushing her fashion oddity on the viewers. I agree that Deng Lun is a much better actor than Yang Yang.

I have seen a few of his interviews too. Are you surprised? Even with that scowl of him! Who cares. Burning question now: Where and how can I start viewing it?

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A random search on the net shows me the first episode was aired on July 24!!! They also dubbed over his voice with the voice actor used in the anime to attract fans of the anime, but that made Yang Yang fans very unhappy.

As for Mr. Dramaluvr: No romance when they got Yang Yang in it?! What was the writer and director thinking? Will start watching as soon as I get time. Like packmule3, the handcuff scene in Ep. The fact that the hero improved over the episodes and became much more caring kept me hooked — I love how he is always there for the heroine when she needs him unlike her fiance. Waiting to watch for Episode 10 now.

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Thinking about your comments I graded the three actors as such: Of the three, Deng Lung is the best actor, Yang Yang the prettiest but Li Xian can put his shoes under my bed anytime. I concur. Li Xian is killing his role as Han Shangyan. I want Viki to get their subbing routine down pat before I start on it. He only needed pointy ears. Thanks table! No access to Mr. Fighting on YT.

Go on ahead and comment away.

yang zi and deng lun relationship

How are you grandma and uncle?

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